How to use DOFF steam cleaning to keep your business beautiful

Every business knows that a great first impression is key to attaining new customers. You could offer the best service in your field, but a grubby and worn building will always look to potential customers as though you are a second-rate operation. DOFF steam cleaning is the ideal way to get the exterior of your building looking smart and professional.

Removing mould, dirt and grime

DOFF steam cleaning provides a gentle stream of water which removes external issues such as dirt, mould and algae. Without using harmful chemicals, steam cleaning can be used to remove natural pollutants such as mould and moss, as well as the spores that would cause these problems to reoccur. A good exterior cleaning company will use DOFF to remove these problems and have your building looking as good as new within minutes.

Removing graffiti

Businesses situated on a major road or high street will understand the stress caused by graffiti artists. Although paint can be removed with soap or other chemicals, rougher or more porous surfaces will often be permanently damaged in some way. The DOFF steam cleaning system offers a great way to remove paint from all surfaces, with high-temperature steam and specialised paint softeners gently bringing the surface back to its original condition.

Keep exteriors strong

Over time, softer surfaces such as natural stone and brick will crumble and become unstable. Chipping away at paint and mould will just speed up this process, but the DOFF system is able to remove these issues and get the surface back to its original state without damaging vulnerable materials.

Protect the environment

DOFF steam cleaning doesn’t use any chemicals at all, relying on nothing but natural water, which is heated up and applied to the surface using carefully measured pressure. This means it is completely safe for both humans and the environment. For businesses with an environmentally-conscious ethos, this is one of the best things about this cleaning system. DOFF steam cleaning is also completely safe to perform at any time of the day, allowing people to continue to work in the area whilst it is being cleaned.

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