Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal in Stratford.

Gum on the paving is unsightly: that’s not a good impression to give your clients and visitors!

Premier Clean 2000 are experts at chewing gum removal. We offer an intense chewing gum removal service, which is fast and affordable. Using our bespoke hot water machines to remove large areas of gum in the minimum of time. We then finish by cleaning the complete area with our rotary surface cleaners. The finished results are outstanding.

Chewing gum is not bio-degradable – it stays on the surface for years and years. The longer it is there the harder it is to remove, so don’t delay!

We are experienced at traffic and pedestrian management, allowing us to carry out the operation with minimal disruption to your Business, Town Centre, Store Front, Drive Thru, Car Park.

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