Building Cleaning-Render-Façade

When was the last time you looked at the outside of your home, office building or retail outlet? Working and living in the same place you tend not to notice the slow build up of dirt and grime on the exterior surfaces. People visiting your home and office seeing it for the first time do! First impressions count. Have a good look now, what do you see?

Premier Clean can undertake a deep clean or restoration of these surfaces whether it is Painted, Sandstone K-Rend or Historic Stone etc. Small home or a large building we will have a solution for you.

We can remove carbon, traffic film, organic matter, effluence staining, leached salts, environmental pollution, paint and Graffiti from stone and brick work.

Long gone are the days where a high-powered jet wash was used to clean render and stone, where more than the surface would be damaged.

Portland stone permanently damaged by using
The wrong equipment by inexperienced companies and operators


With 18 years of experience we now have developed a cleaning system using a blend of Bio- Degradable chemicals and Doff Super Heated 150°C Low Pressure Water System, giving the ability to clean walls, historic stone, cement render, K-rend, sto-render etc., without degrading the surface. 

Often the Super Heated 150°C Low Pressure Doff System or a simple SoftWash will be enough to complete the clean to the surface.

The Doff system has been used on buildings including, Westminster Abbey, Oxford University, and the Tower of London.


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