Why you should jet wash your property before putting it on the market

The average vendor is looking for a quick sale when they put their home on the market. According to a recent survey conducted by Post Office Money Mortgages though, the average property spends at least 91 days (three months) up for sale before attracting an offer. This, understandably, just isn’t fast enough for some people. Fortunately, there’s a way to speed up the process – and it involves a pressure washing service. Here are four reasons why you should go down this route before putting your house on the market.

First impressions

You’re essentially trying to advertise the best version of your home when you put it up for sale. After all, it needs to be a place that people are attracted to and impressed with. Luckily, jet washing – whether it’s the walls, driveways or exterior furniture – can make the property look pristine. In fact, this will be the first impression that people get when they either spot the ‘for sale’ sign or browse the pictures on the estate agent’s website.

Standing out

As a vendor, one of your biggest obstacles will be getting your property to stand out amongst others on the market. Pressure cleaning can achieve this because it will work to eradicate any aesthetic flaws (grot etc.) that may have begun to crop up. This can give you the visual advantage against other places in the area, therefore getting you one step closer to receiving an offer.

Reflection on the area

Something as simple as chewing gum stuck to your driveway might be all a buyer needs to see to question whether they want to live in the area – and in turn, your house. Such a sight won’t just suggest that local homeowners don’t have respect for their own properties, but that others don’t either. Don’t forget, you’re trying to sell a comfortable life – not just a home!

Excessive care

A gleaming driveway and exterior of the home will tell buyers that you’ve taken great care in upholding the property. Even if the interior doesn’t quite match up to the same standard, anyone who’s thinking of making an offer will at least be happy that they won’t have to jet wash the exterior if they do put in an offer.

Good luck!

You can be exchanging the deeds to your home in no time whatsoever if you invest in a jet washing service before putting it on the market. For more information, get in touch with Premier Clean 2000 and watch them work wonders on your property.


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