How to Remove and Prevent Graffiti

Graffiti is a nationwide problem that needs to be tackled head-on. If graffiti is carried out on your commercial property then it is important to act fast to get it cleaned. Graffiti invites more graffiti and you can quickly find the problem escalating. Herein we explore how commercial graffiti removal can improve your property.

Proactive prevention

Graffiti is more common when the area in question is neglected and showing signs of disrepair. If you consider where you see graffiti you will realise that it is largely in places that are dilapidated in the first place, so up-keeping your commercial property will also help to prevent graffiti. Repairing fence panelling, using a driveway cleaning service and making use of commercial chewing gum removal will all help to make the area nicer and reduce the chance of graffiti being carried out. When a building is up-kept well it will be less likely to become a target.

Zero tolerance

The next important step is to operate a zero tolerance policy. By making it clear that you will prosecute anyone caught committing a crime on your property it is possible to discourage crimes such as graffiti in the first place. Criminals fundamentally do not want to be caught and where there is a zero-tolerance policy in place they will be discouraged from carrying it out.

Clean it up immediately 

Graffiti breeds more graffiti so it is important to clean the wall in question immediately. If a tag is left on a wall then this will give the graffiti artist pride and enable them to brag about it, but if it is removed then it will only serve as a disappointment for them. By leaving graffiti up you simply encourage more people to come and tag your property. When cleaning the graffiti it is important to do it right. Painting over the graffiti still leaves a visible mark of where it was, but using commercial graffiti removal will be far more effective at removing all traces of the graffiti. This will more effectively discourage the criminals and ensure your property looks well maintained once again.

Anyone running a commercial business needs to be prepared for vandalism to occur. Vandalism is commonplace across the UK and is a blight on society, but you can take steps to prevent it and to stop it once it starts. Follow the steps herein to beat your vandalism problem before it gets out of hand.

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