Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum littering is becoming a an issue across the country in our parks, streets and businesses. It is not biodegradable and will remain intact forever. It takes a powerful pressure washing service like ours to remove these so call us today!


Premierclean can remove it for you in a fast and affordable way.

Premier Clean 2000 are experts chewing gum removal. We offer an intense chewing gum removal service to remove all signs of chewing gum on surfaces.

We use our bespoke hot water machines to remove large areas of gum in the minimum of time. We then finish by cleaning the complete area with our rotary surface cleaners. The finished results are outstanding.

We are experienced at traffic and pedestrian management so can carry out the operation with minimal disruption to your Business, Town Centre, Store Front, Drive Thru, Car Park, etc

*We are licenced to use water hydrants for our water supply*

Chewing Gum RemovalChewing Gum Removal BeforeChewing Gum Removal BeforeChewing Gum Removal AfterChewing Gum Removal Drivethru BeforeChewing Gum Removal Drivethru AfterChewing Gum Removal BeforeChewing Gum Removal Gum AfterChewing Gum Removal AfterExtreme Chewing Gum BeforeExtreme Gum Chewing AfterCommercial - Chewing gum Removal BeforeChewing Gum Removal Tarmac BeforeChewing Gum Removal Tarmac After

Beware of inexperienced operators! as removing Chewing Gum from tarmac is a skilled operation and if attempted in the wrong way irreversible damage will occur.


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What is Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum litter is present in most town centres. It is difficult to remove. Not only is chewing gum the most prevalent form of staining, it is the most persistent. Chewing gum does not degrade and retains these properties over a long period of time, under all weather conditions. Impacted gum can not be dislodged by routine street cleaning, but requires specialist procedures and equipment such as power washing, manual scraping, steam cleaning and cryogenics.

The base of any chewing gum contains either a natural or synthetic latex (rubber). It is this property which determines the chewiness, flavour retention and shelf life of the gum. It also means that the gum:

  • is stretchy
  • it will retain its properties indefinitely under all weather conditions
  • it is resistant to chemicals
  • has strong adhesion

As chewing gum does not decompose when dropped on the ground, deposits gradually accumulate until they are removed during cleansing.

The staining left behind poses another problem for local government, the oily deposit left behind after the gum has been removed can often look as unsightly as the gum itself.

With greater public awareness about environmental quality, fewer people are willing to accept low standards of cleanliness.

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