The importance of a clean and tidy building exterior for your food business

When you own and run a food business it’s important that you invest in regular maintenance of your grounds and the exterior of your building. This is vital in order to establish your business as a professional brand which cares about its service, staff and customers. Below we explain in more detail the importance of exterior cleaning for your business.

A good first impression of your business

There are many factors that contribute to your professional image and brand, and one of these factors is the building’s exterior. Dirty windows, grime-encrusted paintwork and graffiti do not give that all-important positive first image. In fact, this will probably make customers turn away and head elsewhere to eat.

A happy working environment

Your staff and customers are all affected by their surroundings, and this includes the exterior of your building. No one wants to work or sit and eat in a patio area that is dirty and which has moss growing on wooden boards or is littered with chewing gum. This is when using a regular pressure washing service becomes invaluable for your business, keeping staff and customers happy.

Say goodbye to those pests

If your outside seating area is full of overgrown bushes, dirt and litter, then this is a breeding ground for all kinds of bugs. Not only are these unsightly and a nuisance when trying to eat, but they also pose a health and safety risk, which could land you in serious trouble.

You’ll save money

When you use a commercial cleaning service to regularly clean your business’s grounds and exterior, then you will save yourself money in the long run. Paintwork, woodwork and exterior cladding will last longer when regularly cleaned and maintained. A cleaning service is much cheaper than having to replace exterior brickwork or painting the exterior of your building.

Clean those windows

It is important that all windows and glass in the cafe are clean. This is especially important if customers want to sit in a window seat and watch the world go by. Windows that are covered in sticky fingerprints or dust do not portray a hygienic image, and the odds are that customers will complain or eat elsewhere.

Premier Clean offer a range of commercial cleaning services that includes a pressure washing service, decking cleaning and commercial graffiti removal. So, if you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service near you, then please do get in touch with us today.

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