Selling a property? Don’t let graffiti put potential buyers off

If you’re trying to sell or let a residential or commercial property, you’ll no doubt understand that first impressions count. While many people ensure that the interior of their buildings are in great shape, it’s surprising how many tend to neglect exterior issues.

Graffiti can be a huge bugbear for sellers of both commercial premises and homes – simple things like graffiti “tags” on exterior garden walls or doors can leave prospective buyers or renters feeling like the property is undesirable or neglected. If graffiti stains are particularly stubborn, they can be difficult to remove by conventional means. When you combine graffiti with a “for sale” or “to let” sign, this all too often creates the perception that the area is not the sort of place people will want to live or work in.

Time constraints can often prevent landlords from getting around to sufficiently cleaning graffiti, too. If this sounds familiar, consider utilising the services of a professional commercial graffiti removal specialist to restore your property to its former glory.

How does graffiti removal work?

Our team of specialist cleaners use a combination of professional tools and environmentally-friendly products to ensure there’s no shadowing or ghosting left behind – regardless of the surface the graffiti is being removed from.

Even if the graffiti on your premises is several storeys high, our experienced team can undertake high-level cleaning with a high level of dedication to the job. Whether you’re operating a hotel, factory, sporting facility, restaurant or warehouse, or if you simply want to remove graffiti from a residential premises to encourage potential buyers to take a look, you can rest assured that we undertake every job with complete professionalism.

Our commercial graffiti removal experts are able to remove unsightly marks from a variety of surfaces, including:

• Concrete
• Stone
• Doors
• Metal shutters
• Pebble dashing
• Glass

Don’t settle for falling victim to criminal graffitists – get in touch with the professionals at Premier Clean today and restore your building to pristine condition.

What else can I do to increase the desirability of my property?

At Premier Clean, we can offer a full, in-house exterior cleaning service to make your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers or tenants. We offer driveway cleaning, driveway power washing, commercial gum removal and more. For further information on how we can improve your sale or letting prospects, simply get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quotation. Our experts are waiting to transform the exterior of your property.

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