Work premises: does outward appearance really matter?

In terms of your business operations, the sharp end of the stick is indoors, so the outward appearance of your building can easily get overlooked.

With all the pressure on your time and cash these days, you would not be alone if you’ve cut down on head office exterior cleaning. Particularly if you’re in a sector that generates a lot of dust or dirt, or involves vehicles constantly dragging contaminates on site.

You’re keeping on top of the day to day running of your business operations and meeting legislative standards for interior hygiene. So outward appearance doesn’t matter, right?

What does your building say about you?

In fact, it does. Because having a rather grubby or neglected building sends out all sorts of passive messages. Your staff, suppliers and customers – as well as your neighbours – are getting a negative impression of you as a company.

It’s sometimes what you don’t do that gets noticed more than what you do!

Looking good, is good business

Let’s turn this on its head and look at the advantages of keeping your work premises looking great externally.

For a start, it shows you are an organisation that pays attention to detail. You are aware of how important appearance is – particularly first impressions. So you use commercial graffiti removal services for example, and book regular exterior cleaning in general.

The best company is going to be one with sparkling windows, pristine brickwork and yards and car parks that have recently benefited from a pressure washing service.

Approaching your clean head office or workshop gives everyone reassurance that you take all aspects of your business seriously. This includes health and safety, basic hygiene and quality control.

Approaching a grimy workplace that looks slightly seedy does not send those messages, no matter how hard you work within the building!

Appearance matters to staff too

The same applies to your staff. Their work environment is important and that includes the walls, driveways, yards and doorways outside.

It’s a fact that happy staff are more productive!

You want your team to have a sense of pride in where they work, and to feel as though their employer cares.

It could be that using commercial exterior cleaning services regularly improves the air quality around your building too, which is vital if your staff need to work outdoors such as loading and unloading for warehouse operations.

You might even be making the exterior environment safer for your team. For example, booking commercial chewing gum removal can ensure you don’t find yourself on the end of a claim for slips, falls or ruined shoes!

Commercial commonsense

Keeping up appearances clearly has a lot of practical and many less obvious advantages. And, it could cost less than you think to commission regular commercial cleanups for your exterior.

Ring us for a quote, and let’s get you looking good, for a good price.

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